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We’re Green!

Here at Dress Well Dry Cleaning we strive to be industry leaders by making sure our equipment is always current and state of the art as well as our service to you and the environment. This is why we are one of only a few operations here in town that can proudly say, “We’re Green!”

Organic Green Dry Cleaning at Dress Well Organic Dry Cleaner

Our Services include:

Dry Cleaning


Comforters and Linens

Talior & Alterations

Shoe Repair

Wedding & Special Event Gowns

Leather & Suede

Our 6 Point Cleaning System at Dress Well Organic Dry Cleaner

Our staff pulls from decades of experience as well as ongoing education to provide you with the absolute best product.


Six Point Cleaning System #1



1. Every article of clothing is thoroughly looked over by multiple professionals for stains and other details that may require more treatment and attention before it is ever cleaned.

Six Point Cleaning Systems #2


2. It then goes through our organic cleaning process which uses fresh water and natural detergents in a controlled process that regulates temperature, PH, and moisture levels to clean all varieties of garments resulting in a superbly clean and safe product.


Six Point Cleaning Systems #3



3. Once cleaned through our organic process we then re-evaluate every piece to make sure they are ready to be pressed.


Six Point Cleaning Systems #4



4. If they don’t pass that evaluation, we start the process all over again.


Six Point Cleaning Systems #5



5. Our pressers then use our state of art equipment to press your clothes to your individual taste.


Six Point Cleaning Systems #6



6. Once pressed, we then have 2 more professionals touch up the clothing while looking out for missing buttons, proper creases and perfect, wrinkle free clothing.




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